Open the minds and imaginations of your students and community with one or more of these great interactive programs that adapt easily to any age from Middle Schoolers to Adults.  Sound equipment and handouts are included; a clear area is all you need to provide a unique experience that will stay in their thoughts for years to some.  Rates vary due to location and needs, please call 412 801 2139 today for your personalized quote!

Behind the Tapestry; 45 minutes (Ages 13 and up)
   Ever wonder how a simple folktale transcends into what you see on stage?  This lecture workshop provides attendees with a fascinating look at the work that goes into creating a unique storytelling experience – from how new tales are chosen, researched and adapted to working with the music and movement that brings each tale to life.  Participants will get a chance to explore the design and challenges of creating props and costuming that “travel light”, from how a bit of magic can hold an audience’s awe at just the right moment, to how one scarf can help create dozens of characters simply by the way it is worn.  The lecture ends with a casual Q&A where attendees pick the topics and there is no such thing as a “stupid question”.  Special Discounts available when paired with a performance.

Music and Dance of the Middle East; one hour  (Ages 8 and up)
   There are few things that embody a culture more than its music and dance.  This multidisciplinary workshop demystifies five main rhythms in Arabic music.  Participants will enjoy the opportunity to play a dumbek (drum), ring a zill (finger cymbal) and dance a debke (Arabic line dance) while gaining a new respect and understanding of the rich diversity of Middle Eastern Music.  Attendees will also delight in learning basic movements such as snake arms, footwork, and hip isolations, as well as a short combination to share with friends.  Workshop can be expanded to two hours with participants making and decorating their own drums out of recycled oatmeal containers.

Kristin’s workshop-which students describe as  “enjoyable,”  “enlightening,” “valuable”–is certainly a highlight of the fall term World Music course, providing a window into the music culture of the Middle East.

Doretta Lonnett Whalen PhD, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Adjunct Professor: World Music 

Dancing a Story; one hour (ages 8 and up)
   Whether you’re reading a new book, writing a blog, or just sharing an amusing anecdote with a friend, story telling is an important part of your daily life.  In “Dancing a Story”, participants not only get a chance to review the basic components of a good story, but open their imaginations – and bodies – to age-old but often forgotten methods of bringing that tale to life: movement and dance.  Students will explore how contrasting qualities or even a small change in posture can change how a character is presented, as well as learn how these perceptions can benefit their daily lives, from avoiding conflict to gaining confidence.  Guided in small groups, participants will get a chance to create simple stories of their own and develop them into short dance performances which may be videoed as a special keepsake for the group.