Four Voices, One Story

Moquette Volante presented a brand new show at the 2016 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, but the story doesn’t end there! We are currently working towards expanding this collaborative project to reflect Many Voices…  as well as help to include and empower women throughout the Pittsburgh area.  

Stay tuned for updates on future projects and presentations.

“Four Voices, One Story”

Experience Cinderella as never before!  Four Voices, One Story explores and celebrates cultural similarities and universal themes by bringing four different versions of the classic tale to life, told as one story in alternation by women of four different backgrounds.  Witness the kindness, the toil, the transformation and the reward as young heroines in Kenya, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and India
strive to find their princes – or their fortunes.

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“Regardless of the interpretation, the Cinderella stories examine the test of the human spirit. “Yeh-Shen,” “Chinye,” “Nyasha,” “Rough-Face Girl,” and “Cenerentola” all successfully move from victim to heroine because of their goodness and innocence. Jealousy and cruelty are repeatedly punished.  Cinderella reminds us that compassion and sensitivity will be rewarded.”