[Moquette Volante’s] presentation showed a naïve world how the magic of the desert, the moon, the camel and the oasis can lay out a world as imaginative and filled with adventure as any culture.  We need only open our eyes and ears to the bedazzlement within the Folklore of this awesome land.      Pittsburgh Stage Magazine, May 2015  – See the full review here! 

Designed for a family audience, Moquette Volante shows are suitable for all ages, kindergarten through adult.  As shows can be broken down into 20 minute stories and 5 or 10 minute vignettes, they can be easily made to fit a time slot from 30 – 90 minutes.  Fees vary depending on location and needs of venue.  Discounts for multi-booking and libraries may apply. Call 412 801 2139 today for a free quote on what we can do for your event or venue!

Opening a magic pot

From “The Fisherman and the Genie”, 2015 First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival

Tales and Dance of Scheherazade
Meet the clever and mysterious Scheherazade as she invites the audience on a journey
into her world of storytelling and Middle Eastern Dance. Tales both well-known and
obscure to Westerners such as Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Rescuing the Moon, and
the Anklet are brought to life through movement, dance, and spoken word.

Moquette Volante – Interactive
Two Middle Eastern dancers add depth to the tales of Arabian Nights and other Middle
Eastern Folklore. As Scheherazade spins her web of storytelling, audience members are
invited into the tales as non-dancing characters, allowing them to have a moment of
fame as well as entertain friends and family who watch them.

Moquette Volante – Enhanced
Live music adds even more flavor to the Arabian Nights experience.

Two dancers with musicians in background

Dancers Hakan and Morgiana performing in “Tapestry of Tales”, 2015 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival

Moquette Volante – Full Theatrical Experience
A full Theatrical show incorporating dancers, storyteller, and live music for the ultimate
multi-discipline experience.