A New Beginning

Thank You for Joining Us on Our Journey!

This is the first installment of Scheherazade’s Journal, a magic portal between the world of Moquette Volante Theatrical Middle Eastern Dance Company and yours.  In this issue, and many to come, I will share short stories and insights with you, as well as news of where you may find us in your world.  If you enjoy it, please forward to a friend.  Comments, suggestions, and your own favorite short tales are also welcome.

Aside from the birth of this new Journal, many other exciting things are happening here in the world of Moquette Volante.  Just a few weeks ago, renovations began on our inter-webs palace.  The project has opened up a foreign land of many challenges for my your-world counterpart Kristin Ward, but with the determination of Halim in his search for Fear, she is slowly learning how to tame the enchanted blade called WordPress and use it to carve a new palace that will be both lovely to look upon and easy to navigate.

I am also getting tales and dances ready, as I will be appearing in your world twice this month.  On Saturday, August 10, I will be appearing with local talents Mike Kennelly, Alan Irvine, and Joanna Demarest at the Pittsburgh Public Market from 2-3:30pm.  I will be telling the Thief of Maroch, my own special version of the Highwayman for your enjoyment.  There will be much local food to savor as you enjoy the tales, and a chance at the end to get up and share a story of your own.
This appearance, while wondrous, will be a mere warm up for the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival at Winchester Thurston’s North Campus on August 16 and 17.  Highlights for this festival include not only local talents, but nationally known storytellers, including the hilariously funny Bill Lep. Ask him about the mystical creature called The Bluffalo if you stop by.  I myself will be sharing the romping tale of the Cat Who Walked Alone on Saturday the 17th at 11am. 

A Tale for You – Rescuing the Moon

One evening, simple Hasim was taking his usual bedtime walk when he came upon the moon reflected in his well.  Hasim grew very concerned, thinking that the moon herself had fallen in and was trapped in the water.  With no one around to hear his cries for help, Hasim found a long rope which he threw down to the moon.  As he began to pull the rope up, it caught on a jagged stone.  Hasim pulled again with all his might, and the rope suddenly freed itself, causing Halim to land sorely on his back.  As he lay there aching, Halim looked at the sky and saw the moon, and said to himself, “Ahh, I may be hurting, but I know that  I have done a good deed today, for I have rescued the moon.”

Click here to Watch a Special Video of this tale in performance!

Now, alas, the darkness has fallen outside my window, and my own moon is luring me to bed.
Wishing you many happy tales until we meet again,


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